ORM Packages in India: Online Reputation Management Packages in India for Online Reputation

ORM packages are the best online reputation management packages for brands, celebrities, and individuals to enhance, maintain and protect online reputation. Logicwebsoft Technology offers affordable ORM packages in India that help in online reputation management on all the websites and search engines. We gather and analyze all online reviews, comments, results, posts, etc. on each website and then optimize (boost positive content and push down negative content) them for businesses that are beneficial for the online reputation of any brand. Our ORM plans are workable & useful for each client.

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Online Reputation Management Packages and Pricing in India

Online reputation management (ORM) or online image/trust is the practice of improving your company’s brand status on the Internet; especially search engine results like Google, Bing search results, online reviews and ratings, and other factors. Whether you run a small business or manage a large MNC, you need to retain a positive online reputation to retain your brand image and improve online recognition and create trust in the mind of new customers as well as existing customers. Online reputation management companies make sure that potential clients and search engines such as Google and Bing find positive and accurate materials when they look for your brand on the Internet. Logicwebsoft Technology is one of the best online reputation management companies in India that offers result-oriented and affordable online reputation management packages in India and other countries in the world.

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Affordable Online Reputation Management Services Packages

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ORM Packages
250 USD
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550 USD
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650 USD
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Why Online Reputation Management (ORM)?

Business space has become very competitive and brand management is critical to your success. The internet has become our go-to source for any information. We browse through online reviews before we purchase a product or service. Businesses should ensure there is an accurate representation of their brand online. Online reputation management agency helps businesses by monitoring reputations and reviews. ORM (Online Reputation Management) allows you –

• Customers are demanding and are always evaluating their options. Today most customers read online reviews before purchasing a product or booking a service. Reputation management expert companies like Logicwebsoft Technology amplify your positive reviews posted in different forums and position them before your target buyer.
• Customers are unwilling to trust a brand without online reviews. As an ORM company, we ensure your brand has a regular stream of verified reviews. We use the latest reputation management tools to work on an online reputation management strategy by getting genuine reviews from satisfied customers.
• Retaining your existing customer base is easier and cheaper than generating new customers. It can be challenging to ensure your existing customer base remains satisfied. We work with you to promote brand transparency and build a positive relationship based on trust with your clients. We leverage both positive and negative reviews to underline your commitment to customer satisfaction and improve client relations.
• Reputation management is crucial to protect your brand image and increase business. Business reviews can help improve conversion rates by 380%. We are a premier ORM agency that works to improve relationships with prospective clients and increase channels of interaction to convert prospective clients into paying ones. • Business owners need to pay attention to employee satisfaction. You can use our ORM packages to measure employee engagement and experiences and use the information to improve staff retention and acquisition policies. People are unwilling to join companies with a negative reputation online. We help you attract the best candidates and help your team grow.
• SEO reputation management is an excellent tool to create brand awareness, boost customer representation online, and improve SEO scores. Search engines like Google give weightage to online reviews and user-generated content. We integrate user-generated content with your Google My Business profile to display your trustworthiness.

What Does An Online Reputation Management Company Do?

Logicwebsoft Technology offers ORM packages to help you tackle negative publicity properly. We work on positive branding, getting together constructive feedback, and helping your brand grow with a clean image. Our online reputation management services include dealing with complaints, suppressing bad reviews, eliminating rip-off reports, and working on search result removal. As part of affordable online reputation management packages in India we offer-

• Review generation and marketing
• Review response
• Reputation monitoring
• Online Reputation Reviews
• Social ORM
• SEO reputation management
• Survey Campaign management
• Online product review management

How Much Do ORM Packages Cost in India?

Logicwebsoft Technology offers the best reputation management services in India and other countries in the world. Our affordable online reputation management packages are suitable for businesses of different sizes. We offer comprehensive online reputation management services that will surpass your expectation without exceeding your budget. Our ORM packages in India are robust and affordable. We provide monthly reports with live links on all online reputation management packages in India. Our team of online reputation management experts provides 24x7 supports via chat, email, or phone. We are passionate and consistently work to improve your digital identity.

How Much Time Will It Take To Fix A Damaged Corporate Online Reputation?

Rebuilding a damaged corporate online reputation is not easy and requires patience and perseverance. Your competitors are always ready to capitalize and work on worsening your image. We cannot give a specific timeline, and the time required depends upon circumstances such as the reliability of the source and affordable ORM packages in India selected. It usually takes 2 to 5 months to fix the reputation. At Logicwebsoft Technology, our ORM experts have a focused approach that yields faster results.

Some Examples of Online Reputation Management

Some examples of online reputation management services are–

• Suppressing negative news by circulating positive content on the web to fill search engine results.
• Monitor search engine results to ensure the results show your business in a positive light.
• Leverage free profiles to showcase your brand name on Google search engine profile name.
• Monitor and control the conversations people have about your brand.
• Promote your business and website on other popular websites to increase brand awareness and positive press.

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