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Logicwebsoft Technology is one of the best search engine marketing (SEM) management companies in India. Our SEM services help improve your business by search engine marketing online. If you are looking to improve visibility, website traffic, lead generation, sales, ROI, and revenue then our search engine marketing services help you to get steep growth in the business. Our search engine marketing experts start the SEM services process from keyword search and end at the final conversion for the business. We have lots of paid advertising networks such as search engines, social medial platforms, affiliate marketing programs, banner advertising, native ads, and so on.

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Paid Search and Display Advertisement

Organic search gives quality ranking for a website but it needs a lot of experience and patience. For a quick outcome for online search organic SEO is not enough as paid search has helped business to get better profits than expected. Paid Search is influenced by software algorithms of search engines. The deep knowledge of algorithms can help to optimize the website which gives return on investment (ROI). Paid search is basically buying a paid position on a search engine by paying money for every click.

Paid Search on Search Engines:




An effective campaign has to be organized for paid search marketing and the website requires optimizing according to paid services rules and regulations. has the experience to optimize site for paid search campaign which has given our customers maximum business for online advertisement. The strategy is created according to the budget of customers as our planning is to keep lowest pay per click cost and highest conversion rates.

Main Features of Paid Search:

Identifying effective and efficient paid search engine programs: - All the search engines have developed many programs for paid search but we at identify the most effective program according to the budget of our customers.

Target keywords and phrases selection: - Advanced technique helps us to get the most effective SEO keywords and key phrases which can get the site ranking at a best paid position at low bid rate.

Effective titles and descriptions of ads: High ranking can be achieved by PPC but to make it effective and to retain the customer we rewrite the title and descriptions according to the keywords and key phrases. It improves the conversion rate for our customers business and leaves a good impression on the mind of the visitors also.

Regular monitoring of statistics and ongoing optimization: Online business grows faster than one can think off so it is required to constantly monitor the business development online. It helps to get changes to our strategies according to changes made on the search engine algorithms and bringing in better business to our customers. Monitoring of funds is also vital as each click is a paid click.

Paid Search Services by Logicwebsoft:

Pay per click (PPC)

Cost-Per-Thousand Impressions(CPM)

Right Keyword and key phrase selection

Creative Ad campaigning

Management via creative means

Optimization of website for ads

Daily , weekly or monthly reporting

Analytics strategies and planning

ROI Reporting

Achieving higher success rate to offer more profits with paid search services a company based in India.

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