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Do you want to rank mobile app in the application store and millions of downloads of app daily? Logicwebsoft Technology is one of the best App store optimization companies that offer the best quality and affordable App Store Optimization services in India. We rank your android app and iOS app by doing modern ASO SEO activities that are designed by the best app store SEO consultants in India.

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App Store Optimization (ASO) Services

The app store optimization or ASO is a trending name for business, service providers, and others who wish to serve the smart customers. Here, smart customers mean Smartphone users. They just tap their phone and deal with things, which are the best and affordable to buy by using apps. Therefore, mobility consumers are changing the phase of e-commerce today. There are app store optimization service providers in Delhi. They help you to grow your business with your brand business app.

App Store Optimization

We hope you would have heard about search engine optimization or SEO for websites. Here, SEO works to make your website come on top pages of search engines. Hence, your visibility is more and people will look at your website. Similarly, apps or applications are necessary for mobility users. Here also, your app must be visible to the smart consumers. Either, your app must come on the top in an app store. When you develop your business app, the app developer will discuss ASO. This is because, without ASO, works, your business, or service app will not be visible to the smart customers.

App Logo

Your business app must be visible in your app. This is because your regular customers and mobility consumers can identify your business logo as soon as they visit an app store. Hence, they will download with trust and use your app to avail of your product or services.

App Size

Your app size does matter. This is because most of the mobile users will not download an app if app size is more. Moreover, an app with a big size may take a longer time to download. Therefore, you have to optimize your app size too for a faster download. Mobility customers also feel good if the app is reasonable to download. Here, your app store developer will reduce the size in possible ways such that your brand image will be visible.

App Title

I hope, you would have seen many apps and downloaded them too. What captured your mind is the app title. Therefore, your business app must be having a mind capturing the title. This must be memorable and spread through the mouth too apart from app marketing.


The customers are king for any business. Yet, the contents are king for any online business. Apart from images and videos, you need more text content to describe your product or services. Here, those text contents must contain the most searched texts or keywords. If those keywords are there in your app, it will come on the top of any app store.

App Description

Your app description must be sound. A common man, who can read English must read and understand the use of your app or what you are going to serve through your business app. Therefore, the app description must be simple, attractive, and to the point.

App Retention

Once you place your business app in app stores, you have to retain them too. You must engage in them to show you are active and do serve more to the smart customers. This will include your marketing strategies too.

App Rating

The smart consumers usually check for app ratings before downloading them. Your app rating will improve; your business app is downloaded many times. You can do this by accruing new consumers by your existing consumers. Your smart customers must review your app too. This will increase your app rating in an app store. Therefore, you must encourage the existing app users with some rewards and offers.

Hence, a business app alone cannot survive in this competitive world. It needs ASO services, which are like ancillary services with your app

App Store Optimization (ASO) Company in Delhi India

ASO is the need of the hour for anyone willing to serve smart consumers. You can pull them and see that they are a repeat customer. This can happen when you have an optimized app for your business. You can search for the top 10 app development companies in Delhi and hire the services from an affordable service provider. They will help you to make your business app visible on Google Play Store and Apple Store. These are the trusted app stores for smart consumers. The rest of the marketing strategies will be taken care of by ancillary services.

Why app store optimization?

After all, you are happy with your regular customers. You may ask why I need a business app that will be a question for all businessmen. A few e-commerce companies may say I have an official e-commerce website and why the need for an app. Yet, all of them are doing your business in a traditional way and by e-stores. You must understand that, now the smart consumer shops through their smartphones. Therefore, your business needs an app to serve them. They are using Android or iOS phones. Therefore, you need to develop for both phone users.

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