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Online Reputation is one of the most important trusted signals for a business so online reputation management is a must for online businesses. Logicwebsoft Technology is one of the best online reputation management (ORM) companies in India that is offering affordable online reputation management services. Our ORM services help your business to improve and protect your online reputation on major social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, etc.), major search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.), and online reviews and ratings (Yellow Pages, Glassdoor, Yelp, etc.) websites.

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Online Reputation Management (ORM) Services

Online reputation management or ORM is the management of online content about you or your firm on the internet. One of the main strategies in ORM is ensuring people find the appropriate material when they look for you or your firm on the internet.

Online reputation has become extremely important. People use the internet as the first source of information and generally trust the information they read. People make decisions based on information. People can review your firm through Google ratings, blogs, or social media posts. A bad online reputation can impact revenue and business operations and objectives.

Online reputation management revolves under five processes:-

 Identify the hazard - Hazard is anything with a potentially negative or harmful impact on the business or your identity. Identifying the hazard is the basis of the entire ORM process. A hazard can only be controlled once it has been identified.

 Assessing the hazard- After the hazard has been identifying we try to establish the possibility and severity of each risk or hazard. We prioritize the risks to create a risk assessment code or RAC. The risk with the highest risk assessment code is tackled first.

 Make risk decisions – One of the most important decisions you will need to make is if the risk is acceptable. You may have to weigh the potential benefits and value with the risks. If you decide the risk is too high we can help create extra or alternate controls, changes.

 Apply the control – After we have made the risks decisions we help apply the controls. This is a crucial step and requires the involvement of the stakeholders, accountability, and necessary support. We provide documentation in each stage of the process to help you understand the risk communication and the reasoning behind reputation management decisions.

 Supervise – We supervise and provide periodic reviews to study the effectiveness of risk controls. We monitor the efficiency of risk control, examine the need for further monitoring of the process due to unexpected or unanticipated changes, and implement the feedback of supervision.

Part of our online reputation management plan is:-

There are several reasons why you should have an ORM strategy in place:-

 Monitor online reviews on social media websites, on travel websites such as trip Advisor, and local business directories.

 Remove unfavorable or bad reviews of your hotel or restaurant.

 Improve your ratings by creating positive reviews.

 Promote positive web content.

 Develop a positive image for your establishment online.

 Defend your firm against a targeted smear campaign.

Why Online Reputation Management is important?

 Monitor online reviews on social media websites, on travel websites such as trip Advisor, and local business directories.

Better search engine ranking

 Online reviews can impact your SEO ranking. Search engine algorithms know that online reviews can influence your decision. Firms with a good online reputation are rewarded with higher rank and improve your visibility in search results.

Increase customer trust and visibility

 A good reputation is vital for any business to survive. We live in the digital age, the customer today check online reviews before they do business with your firm. A positive online reputation helps gain the trust of the customer. A good online reputation can help improve your revenue.

Higher revenue

 Online content influences your customer’s decision before they purchase your product or services. Your online reputation can impact your revenue. Studies show that businesses with a good online reputation improve their revenue by 5-9%. Brands with negative reviews will miss out on business.

Major Reputation Management Services

Brand Reputation Management

Brand reputation management is the strategy where your customers view your company in the way you view the company. Negative comments about your company or brand can affect business, your firm's credibility, and the harm the morale of your staff. We try to undo the damage done by negative comments. We help to build a positive brand image for your business.

Corporate Reputation Management

Business Corporations interact with many people who can get negative feedback or comments online. We can help garner positive reviews and feedback on search engines, third-party websites, and on social media websites and forums.

Celebrity Reputation Management

Celebrities need to stay in the news. We help you get more followers, more likes, and more searches online. You can control the narrative and let audiences see what they want to see. We can help improve positive content about you, improve online visibility, increase positive content, and handle or counter negative feedback or content. We can help protect the privacy online and control the content released about you.

Hospital Reputation Management

Patients are already tense when they visit a hospital or a clinic. The reputation is important went patients or their families select a hospital. The reputation of a hospital or a private clinic is built over the years. It is important to address and remove bad, unfair, and biased feedback and reviews online. One of our strategies is to boost positive reviews and keep negative reviews in the background. We help manage Google reviews, reviews on social media pages, and third party site reviews.

Hotel Reputation Management

Hotel reputation management is the practice of managing and influencing how your hotel or restaurant is perceived online. This is similar to public relations but focus on online content. Customer reviews can influence your business. People decide to visit a restaurant and hotels based on online reviews. We can help build a positive digital presence for your hotel or restaurant. It is now possible to defend yourself against biased or malicious reviews. We protect you against the malicious online campaign.

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