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Are you looking for affordable Youtube SEO services for your Youtube Channel? Logicwebsoft Technology is one of the best Youtube Video marketing companies in India that offers result orient and cheap Youtube video SEO services and Youtube video marketing services for businesses, Youtubers, Youtube channel owners, individuals, etc. Our video SEO experts do video search engine optimization to improve video ranking in search engines, video ranking on Youtube, increase video views, clicks, likes, channel subscriptions, comments, sales, revenue, etc. We also do local video SEO in video SEO optimization services.

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Youtube Video SEO Services

Youtube has changed the way we view content on the internet. People spend over an hour viewing videos on Facebook or Youtube. Video content is more shared than other types of content. Smartphones made videos even more popular. 87% of online marketing companies use video content for marketing. Today over 300 hours of video content is uploaded daily on Youtube alone. With the sheer volume of videos, your video may never get viewed.

Your video content must get found and viewed. Video search engine optimization (Video SEO) is the method of improving ranking and visibility during search engine results. It helps your videos appear during search engine results. These are organic or unpaid results that appear on the search engine results page for a particular query.

Video SEO is a vital part of your SEO strategy. The process involves creating video metadata and video content for your product. If used effectively, it can help improve the overall ranking of your website. You need to choose the right platform to display your videos.

Our Approach for Video SEO

Videos are an excellent way to improve the visibility of your brand. The videos must be in-line with your overall SEO goals. Youtube is a subsidiary of Google share resources. All videos uploaded on Youtube are indexed by Google. We use the following approaches to ensure your videos found:-

 Youtube Keyword research is an integral part of the Youtube keyword strategy. t involves finding phrases and words a person is likely to use while looking for video content. Keywords used in conventional search operations and Youtube search operations are different.

 • Youtube video optimization is the heart of Video SEO. It improves the probability of the video being viewed by your target audience. Video optimized in many ways such as using keywords in the title, using tags with appropriate keywords related to the topic, and the description of the video. We keep in mind that Youtube limits the number of tags that can be used while uploading videos.

 • We categorize the video carefully to increase viewership. We ensure videos embedded into your website are relevant to the webpage. The video will be the focus of your webpage.

 • We ensure the length and content video can retain customer attention.

 • Search engines take into account the time spent by the audience on a video. We understand the importance of creating engaging content. Appealing videos are more likely to be viewed and shared. We create compelling thumbnails of the video to increase the likelihood of the video being viewed.

We analyze Youtube analytics to study the effectiveness campaign. We track conversions of key parameters to ensure you get the highest ROI. We tweak our campaign based on the findings.

Why Video SEO?

 Video content creation has boomed recently. Social media, smartphones, and digital cameras have made the process of creating new video content easier and faster. Improved internet connectivity has helped increase the viewership of video content online.

 Youtube has emerged as the second most popularly used search engine in the world. It has over 1 billion users. Using Videos can help increase likes, engagement, subscriptions, and shares. Youtube a subsidiary of Google also ranks videos during search results.

 The script you use for your video is transcribed. This can help us use keywords to improve your ranking.

 Embedded videos increase traffic to your website. You can publish product videos, and testimonials can be compelling and help generate leads.

 Videos can be shared on social media pages and improve viewer engagement. Engaging videos can be shared over multiple platforms and generate buzz. Videos are mobile-friendly can be shared and viewed on different screen sizes.

 Your video needs to entertain and educates viewers. Engaging videos can generate backlinks to improve the credibility of your website. Videos can lower the bounce rate from your website.

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