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Are you searching for affordable SEO Packages in India for Google SERPs Ranking? Logicwebsoft Technology is offering cheap SEO packages for small, medium, and large businesses. We are providing fixed-price monthly SEO packages that are affordable SEO Packages. We can also customize SEO Packages according to the business need of clients to make budget SEO Packages. Our starting monthly SEO package cost is $ 150 USD and goes up to $ 1600 USD. Keep on reading to know the how much does SEO price in India.

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SEO Packages and Pricing in India

Search engine optimization is both science and art, and you need a clear strategy to rank high on the (SERP) search engine result pages. A search engine optimization package can help you achieve your goals, when you find a provider offering SEO package cost that meets your budget, you should ask for a demonstration with the service provider.

SEO packages are services that impact your organic or unpaid digital marketing campaign. Logicwebsoft is Delhi's best digital marketing company. We offer affordable SEO packages, designed to improve your website ranking on the search engine research page and performance of your website and increase traffic to your website.

It can be challenging to pick the best SEO packages for your business. Logicwebsoft offers a range of affordable SEO services packages that will surely suit your business. We categorize our Seo pricing into two broad categories- monthly SEO packages or one-time SEO packages.

SEO package pricing ranges from nano to premium is designed to help businesses, and we offer our customized SEO services packages to suit their business requirements. Logicwebsoft gives detailed monthly reports to clients in our monthly SEO packages.

Inexperienced digital marketing companies offer unbelievable cheap SEO packages to tempt businesses. They often lack the knowledge and understanding of the Google algorithm work and are focused on short-term gains instead of a sustained long-term strategy. We offer affordable monthly SEO packages to ensure continued results.

What do Our SEO Services include?

Logicwebsoft is a digital marketing company offering comprehensive SEO services. Our SEO executives work hard to ensure your website ranks high on the search engine research website.

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO uses different practices to optimize web pages using keywords and optimizing HTML code. Google can crawl through the website easily if it is well optimized. We aim to make your website more usable, write engaging content, and improve visibility on search engine websites.

Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO is the activities we conduct outside your website that impact your ranking on the search engine research page. It involves linking or promoting your website on different platforms or websites to improve the credibility of your website. Off-page SEO has links which encourage users to visit your website.

Website Audit

Website audit is a detailed analysis of the factors that have affected the visibility of your website on search engines. During the audit, we detect all the weak links in your website that is affecting your ranking.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is the practice of developing and distributing relevant content that is useful to your current and target customers. We publish our carefully curated content in blogs, newsletters, and social media posts.

Link Building

Link building is the practice of adding hyperlinks or backlinks to your website from external sites. Logicwebsoft uses high-quality links to take users to your website. Quality links increase the chances of your website ranking higher in the search engine website.

Toxic Links Removal

Some parties may launch negative SEO attacks against your website and can impact your website rank. Our team carefully removes spammy backlinks to your domains and prevents website hacking.

Google Penalties Removal

Google has a list of strict guidelines, and violating the rules will get a penalty. The penalties may include – drop in your ranking, reduced traffic to your website, and deindexation. Part of our Google penalty strategy includes – removing toxic links, ensuring your website meets Google’s standard, and improving the quality of content.

SEO Packages

Affordable SEO Services Packages

Small Business SEO Packages

Buy affordable SEO packages for Small Business

SEO Packages Nano
SEO Packages
150 USD
SEO Packages
200 USD
SEO Packages
300 USD
SEO Packages
400 USD
Number of Keywords 7 10 17 25
Complete Website Analysis
Competitor Analysis
Keyword Research and Analysis
Content Duplicity Checking
Back Links Analysis
Keywords Ranking Checking
Keyword URL Mapping
Google Penalty Checking

SEO Packages for Medium Size Businesses

Buy mid size business SEO Packages

SEO Packages Professional
SEO Packages
500 USD
SEO Packages
600 USD
SEO Packages
700 USD
Number of Keywords 30 37 45
Complete Website Analysis
Competitor Analysis 4 5 6
Keyword Research and Analysis
Content Duplicity Checking
Back Links Analysis
Keywords Ranking Checking
Keyword URL Mapping
Google Penalty Checking

Ecommerce SEO Packages for Large Businesses

Buy lagre business SEO Packages

SEO Packages Silver
SEO Packages
800 USD
SEO Packages
1200 USD
SEO Packages
1600 USD
Number of Keywords 50 100 Unlimited
Complete Website Analysis
Competitor Analysis 7 9 12
Keyword Research and Analysis
Content Duplicity Checking
Back Links Analysis
Keywords Ranking Checking
Keyword URL Mapping
Google Penalty Checking

What Do Our SEO Packages Include-

Our SEO packages include On-page and off-page SEO strategies to get the best results. We adapted different SEO techniques to suit your business model. Some of our strategies include the following –

On-page SEO

On-page optimization is an integral part of your SEO campaign. A comprehensive on-page SEO plan can improve your Google ranking higher. Our on-page SEO activities are -

Keyword Research

Logicwebsoft has a team of technical experts who conduct keyword research to find relevant keywords for the product or services you offer. Keyword research is at the heart of your SEO campaign. Our content writers write engaging content while integrating the words organically into the content.

Keyword Research

Logicwebsoft has a team of technical experts who conduct keyword research to find relevant keywords for the product or services you offer. Keyword research is at the heart of your SEO campaign. Our content writers write engaging content while integrating the words organically into the content.

Competitor Analysis

We analyze your competitor's website is a vital step to give you the edge. We check their website for backlinks and domain authority and use the information to build a comprehensive SEO strategy.

Website Audit

We have various tools to find weak spots on your website. We check the website structure and architecture, navigation, usability, sitemaps, and loading speedings. We concentrate on these technical facets while working on your SEO ranking.

Content Audit

Logicwebsoft audit team performs detailed analysis on the content. We review each page and create concrete plants to prove your ranking. We create engaging quality content, edit content, and check heading tags, pages titles, keyword density and diversity, and other relevant factors.

Backlinks Audit

Backlink audits are a part of the online SEO audits. Our experts spot toxic backlinks that can weaken your website SEO score. They identify and remove spam backlinks during the audit.

Blog Audit and Optimization

Most websites today have a blog section to look for ways to improve optimization. As part of the audit, we check internal linking, anchor text, and ways to improve user usability.

Conversion Tracking Configuration

Conversion is the goal of any SEO campaign. During interaction sessions with our clients, we understand what conversion means to them and their goals from the project. We use Google Analytics and other tools for goal and conversion tracking. These statistics help measure the quality of our work, the profile of site visitors, and decode user behavior.

Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO is a component of your SEO strategy. Off-page is also called link building. Our SEO teams are well-versed with Google’s strict guidelines and use only white hat techniques for link building. We focus on creating high-quality natural backlinks and building the credibility of your website.

Content Marketing

Our team of content marketers create excellent content and marketing material for backlinks from reputable websites and publications.

Blog Outreach

We use our database to find expert bloggers relevant to your industry to write quality content to build quality backlinks. We send the blogger links to the relevant product page to your website.

Location Citation

Local citations are online references to your company’s name, address, and contact details. These can be local business directories, social media websites, and Google maps. Local citations are one of the many parameters used by Google to rank channels. Many users prefer using local service providers and local citations can increase business.


Research has shown readers retain infographics. Our talented team creates insightful and quality infographics from existing content. Industrial or research magazines can use these graphics and link them back to your website.

Link Building

Link building is the practice of adding hyperlinks or backlinks to your website from external sites. This increases the chances of your website ranking higher in the search engine website.

Social Media Profile Creation

Social media profile has become a huge part of your social media presence, managing your online reputation, and is an integral part of your SEO strategy. We use negative reviews left on social media and other platforms for online reputation management.

Web 2.0 Profile Creation

We use Web 2.0 to create backlinks for your website. We can perform multiple off-page submissions from a single website. Web 2.0 submission uses sharing, grouping, and networking facilities.

Blog Creation

Blog creation is an extremely effective SEO technique is blogging. It helps your website to build its credibility and backlinks. We write a guest blog for another blog or website, to create a backlink profile.

Blog Submission

We use blogs to improve SEO efforts. You can share blogs on your social media and in your newsletters. We use primary and secondary keywords throughout the article and ensure the blogs are aligned with your marketing objectives and efforts.

Article Submission

We publish informative articles on third-party websites to generate backlinks for your website. Our teams of experienced content writers write well-researched articles to promote your business. The article in established third-party websites helps to improve the credibility of your website and improve search engine ranking.

Press Release Submission

Companies use press releases to inform their stakeholders about awards, events, product launches, and offers. Our team analyzes want to publicize, they prepare a well-drafted article and publish it in the appropriate publications and forum to spread the word.

Guest Posting

We use guest posting to build credible links, high-quality blogging is an effective tactic to build excellent links. Websites are always looking for quality content and opportunities to publish fresh interesting content. We publish content on these websites and use this strategy to build the credibility of your website.

Classified Posting

If you provide local products or services you can use classified posting to sell your products. Classified posting can generate valuable leads for your business. Use it to sell and promote your products and services and get quality backlinks from your local classified website.

Why Invest in SEO Packages?

The internet has become the go-to place for any information. People refer to the internet to look for service providers or find more information about products and services. Companies need a sound SEO strategy to outperform their competitors. A sound SEO policy will drive target audiences to your website.

Market analysis shows that SEO packages are extremely effective in getting unpaid traffic to your website. Technical experts are Logicwebsoft use the latest SEO methods to optimize your website and drive traffic. As businesses increase their online presence, it is essential to invest in the latest white hat practices to stay relevant and appear in the first few ranks on the search engine result page.

Benefits to invest in SEO Packages

There are several benefits of investing in SEO packages are –

• You get quality traffic – SEO is an integral part of your inbound marketing strategy. Inbound marketing is more customer-centric and makes it easier for target-customer to find you when they are looking for information on the web.
• Investment friendly– Google’s algorithm ranks website based on its SEO. If your website’s content uses keywords and is engaging Google is likely to rank your website higher. SEO agencies offering the best SEO packages create quality content. You do not have to pay Google for organic search ranking.
• Helps PR – SEO and PR can be used concurrently. Backlinks are components of any SEO strategy. SEO agencies work to look for coverage in industry blogs, forums, and other relevant websites and backlinks help improve brand strength and visibility.
• Ahead of competition- SEO has become an integral part of any marketing strategy, and improving online presence has become vital in the competitive marketplace.

Things to Check before Buying SEO Packages

If you are thinking about buying SEO packages for your business, it is crucial to select the right agency. Here are some tips that you can use while looking for the best SEO agency –

• Know your budget and goals – Before you implement an SOE strategy list down the goals. These goals will help you shortlist the best SEO firms. Set an SEO budget.
• Know the different SEO packages available – Investigate the SEO packages available do want to concentrate on local SEO or do want to expand your market?
• Choose a firm that communicates effectively – SEO firms use various tools to analyze and optimize your website. They should communicate effectively and not use too many technical terms. Try to have an in-person meeting, and you will get a better idea of the team and if they are trustworthy. They should be open about the key performance parameters they use to judge the effectiveness of their campaign.
• Look at review sites – Word-of-mouth recommendations are a great way to get leads. If you are unable to get recommendations you need to rely on reviews. Customer reviewers will let you know what to expect.
• Ask for demonstration – During your meeting, ask for a demonstration and check out websites they manage. Many firms do a free audit of your website.

Monthly SEO packages Versus One Time SEO Packages

While looking for the best deals you will find some companies offer SEO marketing packages like monthly packages and one-time packages.

Monthly SEO packages

You need to renew your monthly SEO packages every month and pay a monthly subscription. We work to improve your website and increase web traffic. Our team optimizes your website and work website content consistently. We improve your organic traffic and the credibility of your website. Monthly SEO packages help to improve the ranking of your website.

One-time Packages

One-time SEO packages are a single-point solution for your specific needs. You pay your SEO agency a fixed amount to improve the SEO performance of your website. You may not get desired results with one-time packages as it takes time to get optimal SEO results. On-time packages may give you sustained results.

One-time SEO packages may look more lucrative, but monthly SEO packages are better if you have a long-time frame. If are hiring an SEO agency for the first time, we recommend you start with monthly SEO plans, you have the flexibility to change if you realize the agency is not the right fit for you.

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