PPC Packages: PPC Pricing Packages to Achieve Business Goals (Traffic, Leads, & Sales) through Google Ads

Are you looking for PPC packages in India? Want to know how much Google Ads management packages cost in India? Logicwebsoft Technology is offering affordable Google Ads PPC pricing packages for small business, medium, and large businesses. Logicwebsoft is one of the best PPC companies in India that helps businesses in search engine marketing to stay at the top and grow in today’s competitive age through PPC management packages. We have three affordable PPC packages in India. These Google Pay per click packages help customers to get business goals via Google Ads marketing. Our all PPC packages are customized PPC packages.

PPC Packages and Pricing in India

Pay-per-click (PPC) model is an internet marketing tool where advertisers pay a nominal fee when users click on their advertisement. When a visitor clicks on the PPC ad it opens your website or landing page. The PPC model is also called the cost-per-click model, is a great way to increase views for your website and to get leads through your website.

Logicwebsoft is Google Ads Partner. We at Logicwebsoft Technology offer customized PPC packages to meet your requirements, and our PPC experts provide fruitful results. We offer Google pay per click packages for businesses. Our comprehensive PPC model provides you with the biggest gains and improves your product visibility. Logicwebsoft Technology specialists partner with you to choose affordable PPC packages to implement a pay-per-click campaign. We identify your target customer online, increase sales, generate quality leads, and improve brand awareness.

If you are looking to increase your customer base and improve profitability, look no further, we offer the best PPC management packages in India. We have certified Google Ads professionals and have managed many successful campaigns. Logicwebsoft Technology specializes in digital marketing and PPC management, and our holistic approach ensures a high success rate. You can select the PPC service package based on your marketing budget and sales targets. All our pay per click packages includes comprehensive keyword analysis and analysis to ensure maximum returns.

Why our PPC Packages are affordable?

When you use our pay per click packages you get a quick return on investment. We offer different pay per click packages with several advertisements and clicks options. Our rates are affordable and reasonable, and there are no hidden costs. Logicwebsoft affordable PPC packages are the best way to get genuine leads for your business. We have PPC management packages for small or big businesses.

Why should you invest in pay per click packages?

Unlike other advertisement techniques, our PPC management packages offer you a high level of control. PPC ad campaign targets prospective customers at every stage of the sales funnel. Pay per click packages allows you to test content using a different combination of keywords and messages. We examine the impact of the message and modify it if required to improve the click rates. Logiwebsoft partners with you to ensure you have a quality PPC campaign and edge out your competition. If you are unsure which PPC packages to us, contact our customer executive will assist you and select the package suited to your requirements.

Main Reasons to Advertise on Google

Google Ads is a Google advertising program that allows businesses to create advertisements to reach customers searching for your product and services. The platform runs on pay per click advertising concept, where you pay when a user clicks on your ads. Logicwebsoft has experienced Google ads certified professionals to manage your Google Ad campaign

Google Ads Packages are popular because –

 It is easy to measure and monitor Google Ads. You can modify your campaign based on the results. The detailed results give feedback on parameters like the number of clicks and user demographics.

 Google Ads can optimize your SEO campaign help your website rank higher in the Search Engine Page Results.

 Google Ads helps you control pay per click packages costs. When you start your Google ad campaign, you can increase and decrease spending based on your budget.

 Google Ads are easily scalable, it is easy to scale up and scale down your campaign based on performance. Google Ads offers the flexibility to scale ads, control the amount spent on the campaign, and use the best performing Google Ads.

 Audiences have a clear intent when they are searching for a product or service on Google. Google Ads is the perfect platform to highlight your product and service and connect with them.

 Google Ads improves the quality of your leads.

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PPC Packages

Affordable PPC Services Packages

PPC Packages Basic Standard Enterprise
Minimum Time 3 Months 3 Months 3 Months
Ad Budget Per Month Up to USD 1000 Up to USD 5000 USD 7000 and Above
No of Keywords Suggested Up to 50 Up to 100 Up to 200
Monthly Charges 17% of Ads Spend 15% of Ads Spend 12% of Ads Spend

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