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Logicwebsoft Technology is one of the top local SEO agencies in India. It offers affordable local SEO packages for small businesses and Google my business. Our Local SEO packages help improve local search ranking, local search results, Google map ranking of Google my business listing, website traffic, local store visit, website local traffic, etc. Our local SEO specialists analyze the website and find local SEO keywords, do competitor analysis for Google Maps and SERPs, and provide the best results with low cost local SEO.

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Local SEO Packages and Pricing in India

Local SEO is a search engine optimization technique specifically improves the search engine visibility for businesses with specific locations. It helps businesses improve their organic visibility and traffic from searches performed by potential clients in the area. Search engines uses specific criteria like relevance, distance, and prominence to give relevant results during local searches. Businesses can utilize this powerful tool to position their product or services for customers actively looking for them.

Local SEO packages are specific strategies geared to working on various local search engine parameters with the aim to improve the website ranking and visibility on local search engine result page. Businesses use local SEO packages include a range of activities like manage and optimize business profile, improve online credibility, optimize their website, and mobile responsiveness.

Why does your business Need Local SEO?

Get our local SEO optimization services to improve your visibility on the web and mobile for location-specific search results. This strategy has helped businesses like doctors, plumbers, electricians, or garages that serve a particular geographical area to the notice of local audiences looking for services. If your business is location-specific it is important to be seen in local search results. We use a local business SEO services approach that will help you maximize your local outreach.

Local SEO management techniques help businesses in maintaining their business listing, creating citations, and steering people in the area toward their services. According to statistics released by Google, over 45% of searches on the platform are for local information. A whopping 97% of people use search engines while looking for local services. If you are not using our local SEO services you are missing out. Use our local business SEO packages to accelerate your business.

Local SEO Packages

Affordable Local SEO Services Packages

Small Business Local SEO Packages

Buy affordable Local SEO packages for Small Business

Local SEO Packages Nano
SEO Packages
80 USD
SEO Packages
100 USD
SEO Packages
150 USD
SEO Packages
200 USD
Number of Keywords 5 7 10 15
Complete Website Analysis
Competitor Analysis
Keyword Research
Local Market Analysis
Keywords Ranking Checking

Local SEO Packages for Medium Size Businesses

Buy mid size business Local SEO Packages

Local SEO Packages Professional
SEO Packages
250 USD
SEO Packages
300 USD
SEO Packages
350 USD
Number of Keywords 20 20 30
Complete Website Analysis
Competitor Analysis
Keyword Research
Local Market Analysis
Keywords Ranking Checking

Ecommerce SEO Packages for Large Businesses

Buy lagre business SEO Packages

SEO Packages Silver
SEO Packages
400 USD
SEO Packages
450 USD
SEO Packages
500 USD
Number of Keywords 35 40 50
Complete Website Analysis
Competitor Analysis
Keyword Research
Local Market Analysis
Keywords Ranking Checking

How Ranking on Google Map Can help you?

We offer the best local SEO services. Our first step for any client is to understand your requirements. Our team of experts not only works on optimizing your website for local search engine marketing but also works on getting your services placed on Google Maps. While adding your details on Google Maps we include details like your address, contact details, and operating hours so that Google can provide all relevant information. Your prospective clients will have complete information about your company at a centralized location. They can find your business easily and contact you for products and services. We help you get placed on Google Maps.

Logicwebsoft Process for Local SEO

Logicwebsoft Technology has time-tested practices of helping our clients achieve their digital marketing goals. As one of the best local search engine optimization companies, we follow a multi-facet approach to ensure the best SEO local results. We start every project with a local SEO audit to get a clear picture of our on-page and off-page local search marketing services.

On-Page Local SEO

As part of our local search optimization services, we work on your on-page local SEO optimization factors. On-Page SEO refers to practices about your website. We optimize your headlines, HTML Tags, content, and images. We ensure your site complies with Google’s latest algorithm notification. As a responsible local SEO company near me, we leave no stone unturned to maximize your visibility.

Keyword Research

Local search is a critical aspect of today’s digital words. Without extensive keyword research, it will be difficult to appear high on the search engine result page. Our SEO local service identifies the keyword potential that users will use while looking for your product or services. Our comprehensive local SEO keyword strategy ensures local search ranking and higher visibility increasing the likelihood of customers contacting you.

Google Map Competitor Analysis

As part of our local search engine optimization plan, we perform a thorough competitor analysis so you can outperform them on local SEO near me. We work to incorporate their best online practices for your business.

Setting Up Business my Business Profile and Optimization

It is critical to make your business profile stand out, as a premier local SEO agency we help optimize your local SEO Google My business profile. We focus on setting up and filling out relevant details such as business description, business category, images, and verifying ownership. Our local SEO consultant updates your Google My Business profile regularly.

Citation Audit

Google has made it easier to be found on local SEO services near me results. However, if you have an out-of-date or inaccurate listing it can harm your ranking. As one of the top local SEO firm in the country, we fix any inaccuracies and give precise information so you are ranked high in directories as well.

Title and Meta Tags Creation and Optimization

The title and Meta tag creation is a crucial step in our local search SEO services. Searches see the meta tag description on the search engine result page. As a responsible local SEO marketing agency, we optimize these tags and include marketing messages to encourage users to visit your website

Schema Markup

Microdata is a critical part of local SEO. Search engines read the data to understand your website’s content. As the best local SEO company, we provide extensive information including schema markup for reviews and listing on Google. This helps you feature prominently in Google search results.

Content Optimization

Our local search marketing specialist works on your content and metadata with geo-specific keywords to improve your ranking on Google’s search engine results page. We create your service page on your website so visitors can learn more about the services offered. Our experts implement the latest SEO practices to ensure your website gets a higher rank.

Internal Linking

Internal linking is any links within your website. Visitors and search engines use links to find content on your website. Visitors navigate through different pages of your website, using internal linking. Our local search engine optimization services ensure your internal links work and guide search engines and visitors through your website successfully.

Off-Page Local SEO

Off-page local SEO optimization techniques are steps we take as the best local SEO company to improve your website ranking. Our Local search engine optimization services include activities backlinks, guest blogs, brand mentions, local directory, and much more.

Local Citation

Local citations are brand mentions of your company online. Our SEO services for local business work to list your firm in trusted business directories or industry-specific websites. High-quality citation helps your website rank higher in local search results.

Link Building

Having the right backlinks is critical to improving the local website’s SEO and increasing traffic to your website. As the best local SEO agency, we build high quality that will improve traffic to your website which in turn will improve the quality of leads and increase conversion. Our white label local SEO services ensure your website is not penalized by Google.

Local Directories Listing

Classified are ads that let the world know more about your business. It is an integral part of the off-page SEO process. Many people who visit the classified will click on the link to visit the website for additional information. As a local SEO services company, we use classified to highlight your product and services to local customers. Classified ad posting is a great way that can recover your local SEO cost faster. We contact the right agencies to maximize the local search visibility and add your website to improve your off-page SEO score.

Classifieds Submission

Classified are ads that let the world know more about your business. It is an integral part of the off-page SEO process. Many people who visit the classified will click on the link to visit the website for additional information. As a local SEO services company, we use classified to highlight your product and services to local customers.

Image Submission

We use image submission as part of our off-page SEO activity. Adding images related to your content on the website is a proven strategy to attract the audience toward it. Logicwebsoft Technology is a top local SEO marketing company; we utilize every method of increasing your rank on the search result.

Web 2.0 Submissions

We use web 2.0 sites to accelerate your website to the top of the search result page. As part of our local search engine marketing services, we share engaging content on different blog sites, social media, and video sharing websites.

Broken Back Links Creation

It is imperative to identify broken backlinks during local SEO audits. Broken backlinks not only harm your SEO score but also provides a poor user experience. We find out the broken links and contact webmasters to rectify the links.

Backlinks from Local Websites

To get backlinks from the local website we have a composite blueprint this includes using Google My Business Listing, reviews, using the local press, including your business directories, and sharing local resources.

CGuest Blogging

As a part of the guest blogging strategy, we contribute engaging posts to external blogs on our client's behalf. Guest blogging helps create backlinks and improve the credibility of your website.

Article Posting

We are a local search company that wants to position our clients as subject matter experts. We post articles on industry websites to create backlinks and improve traffic to your website.

Video Creation

Video creation is a great way to improve SEO. If done well videos can help you outrank your competitor. Our local search service includes creating engaging videos that helps increases inbound traffic to your website. We make informative and entertaining videos that can be shared easily on multiple platforms and improve local video SEO.

Info-graphic Submission

Info-graphic submission is the process of submitting info-graphics on other websites to increase visitors to your website. Studies have proved the benefits of including infographics in your content. We give links from the infographics to improve your local SEO for businesses.

Power Point Submissionn

Power Point Submission can help improve your traffic through backlinks. Fresh and informative content is likely to be shared by others on their websites and blogs bringing quality inbound traffic.

Social Networking Engagement

Social Networking Engagement is an integral part off-page SEO. Businesses have used social networks comprehensively. It gives an excellent forum to interact with users. Social media can improve your brand’s visibility and provide quality backlinks.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO looks beyond content. We ensure your website is well indexed and search engines like Google can crawl through your website easily. Our local SEO specialist works on all your technical SEO aspects.

W3c Html Validation

Our technical team checks your HTML code to ensure it follows the correct formatting standard. We validate the code to prevent coding errors on your website.

Page Speed Optimization

Page speed is another factor that can affect your SEO rank. Our SEO local services ensure your page loads quickly and correctly on different devices.

Monthly Report

As part of local SEO package pricing, we provide all our customer's detailed monthly reports. The detailed reports show the progress in the local SEO plan.

Customer Support

We provide 24/7 customer support whether you have opted for our local SEO for small businesses or large packages. You can contact us by email, chat or phone.

Why choose Logicwebsoft Technology for Local SEO?

Logicwebsoft Technology is a professional local SEO company that is committed to helping you improve your business’s online presence and Google Map ranking. We are top local SEO Company offering tailor-made local SEO solutions for your business.

• Our team of local SEO specialists is experienced in all the components of local search optimization and Google Map Marketing. They are well versed with the latest Google algorithm and use proven local search engine optimization techniques.
• We have local SEO expert has worked in different industries giving them a unique perspective when they work on improving your Google local SEO strategy.
• Our local SEO pricing is competitive. We offer a range of local SEO packages that are affordable and meet your requirements. Our local SEO services pricing includes a range of services guaranteed to produce results.
• We understand it is important to be critical to be available to answer your concerns. We are available 24x7 via email and chat.
• We provide you with local SEO analysis and reports; you can see how your website is performing in search engine rankings. We use every opportunity to improve your local SEO search ranking and visibility.
• We have a result-oriented focus. When you work with Logicwebsoft, your local SEO marketing campaign will ensure real growth.

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