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In today’s world, with the advance of technology, many other important services are also emerging simultaneously. Among which content translation Service is one of them. Before discussing the content translation services, let's first know about what does translation means and what is its history, why it became one of the important aspects in now a day. In answer to all the questions, the term ‘translation’ means transforming or converting certain written or unwritten, or oral information into other languages. For example, transforming a written document written in English has to be translated into another foreign language like French or in German. As we have already said that translation of any such language does not limit to only the written one but also oral or aural languages also or may be translated or converted in CD.

Now the next question is why translation or what is the need for it? Before answering the question, we must know the exact scenario which leads to the emergence of such a sector. With the emergence of globalization, there is also a change in the business landscape. The companies (whether Private companies or Government companies) need to stay in a continuous connection for the sake of their business. As most of their clients belong from different parts of the world having different cultures and spoke different languages. Hence to run their business smoothly, these companies seek translators with multilingual in nature. So that they could help the company to stay connected to those clients who spoke native languages other than English. And hence there is an emergence of the post of the content translator. And most of the time such companies outsource translation which provides the translation of content writing service to other global clients. In order to sort out the problem of understanding various languages other than English, Google also provides such a platform where any text can be translated into various languages.

While talking about the content translation services, the first word that will strike in our mind is what is content translation? Is it a service or a tool? In answer to this question, it can be said that content translation is a tool that is used to translate any listed native languages into other listed languages. This tool enables the editor to translate language next to its original text. The main purpose of the tool is to produce a new initial version of the text based on the original text from a different language. It generally focused on adapting as well as transferring an existing language to another native scheduled language. It also helps the editor to reuse such a tool multiple time.

Types of Content Translation

The content translation seems to be a fast-evolving service and its rampant growth is rapidly leading to the emergence of the Translation industry. Along with its emergence, various other types of the department of translation have also developed simultaneously. And each and every department of translation is unique in nature. According to various departments of the company, this translation as a discipline required various types of content translation. As we have discussed early that translation does not limit only to text translation. Hence content translation can be classified into various types, they are:

Literary translation

It is a type of translation in which translators have to do language conversion of stories, poems, plays, and novels. It is said to be the zenith form of translation/ this is because it is believed that such sort of translation often contains the cultural nuances, translation of feelings, emotions, humor, and so on. Such things hold more value than any other component. Most of the experts often believe that the translation of sense and emotion is much difficult than just translating languages. In poetry, creating appropriate translation by maintaining puns, idioms, rhyming words are much more difficult. This is because while translating the language of poetry, its nuance, and senses, as well as humor, may be lost.

Business translation

It is types of translation in which business portfolios are get converted to different languages for a better understanding of the clients. Such translation is also known as the commercial translation. In business content translation, the translators must possess knowledge of business-related keywords and certain specialized skills. Such translators have to convert the business documents, accounts, tenders, memos, etc., under specific companies for their specific clients.

Legal content translation services

such translation services said to be the most complex type of translation services ever. In such types of services, the translators must have the ability to understand the meaning of the underlying documents. He must possess knowledge about the socio-cultural aspect of the region or the country for which the documents have to be translated. Along with that, he must convert the documents in such a way that every one of the targeted audience must understand the document easily.

Judicial content translation service

This type of content translation often refers to the translation of court-related documents like judgment testimonies, letters rogatory, witness documents, and all other documents that are related to the court cases. Here one thing that will strike in one’s mind is both the legal and judgmental content translation services are the same or not. The answer is that, though both types of content related to law, there is a slight difference between them. The legal content translation mostly deals with any kind of legal work-related issues. Generally related legal documents of private companies, countries documents, politico-legal aspect, etc., whereas, the Judicial content translation completely related to the court-related documents such as verdict documents, witness testimonials, etc.

Technical content translation services

Nowadays, another type of content translation service also gain popularity, that is technical content translation service. In this type of content translation, technical content like the user guides, online text, training materials, audios, and videos, etc., needs to be translated. In this translation type, the term ‘formatting’ plays a vital role. While going for converting the technical content language, one needs to be aware of different types of terminology related to technology. In this content type, the translators need to have the skill as well as the knowledge of graphic design and editing tools. Sometimes the editor or the translator needs to implement such tools while translating.

Content translation services related to Administration

The translation related to the Administrative domain refers to the conversion of management-related text into other client or targeted people’s languages. Such type of content translation is often used by elite companies or big corporations in their day-to-day activities. We can also call it a text translation that is often used in the various trading sector. Here the translators need to convert the text related to the certificate related to the payment, memos, contracts, etc., sometimes newsletters are also being translated under the thrust of Administrative content service. Side by side, this type of content translation service is often performed on behalf of the business companies in order to carry out any kind of administrative related work.

Medical content translation services

Medical content translation is a type of content which involve patient-related content translation such as instruction, labels, package related papers, management certificate and so on. In this service, the service provider must possess requisite knowledge on medicine or medical key terms. The expert’s belief that medical translation can also prove to be quite tricky as the language differs from country to country or from region to region. Many country’s organization often opt for medical content translation services for the conversion of labels of the medical device’s documents of the clinical trials or pharmaceuticals into their native languages. Along with that, the service provider must possess knowledge on the subject matter because of the highly regulative, technical as well as sensitive nature of the medical language.

Website content translation service

This type of content translation often includes the conversion of the languages like copying websites, titles, subtitles of videos, webpages, etc., related documents. While translating the website content, the service provider needs to alter the address formats, layouts, etc. along with the content translation.

Script content translation

It is one of the most popular forms of translation service. In this type of content translation, the service provider needs to translate the script of the popular film or movies into other. With the increase in the popularity of various Hollywood or Bollywood movies, the craze for such movies into different languages also increased day by day. For example, the “Hotel Transylvania” is a Hollywood movie, which was also released into various other languages like Telegu, English, Hindi, etc. Simultaneously, the famous movie like Harry Potter series has also been released into various languages in a different part of the world.

Other than the above-mentioned types of content translation, some other types of content translation can also be observed. Such as Multimedia localization content translation services, Patent translation services, Financial translation services, Advertising and Marketing translation services, Transcript content translation services, etc. Such kinds of services help the service provider to reach various socio-cultural diversified customers around the world which may lead to certain cultural change.


According to the experts, Mandarin is a language that is spoken by around 14.4% of the population of the world. Mandarin is spoken mostly by the people of China. And China is now holding the second position in the economy just after the United State of America. Hence the traders who are engaging or planning to engage in business with China must need the support of a content service provider who has the ability to speak, read and write Mandarin language. Nowadays, knowledge of such language is in demand.


Spanish is said to be the most usable language that is translated into. It is the most appealing language among all. People of Mexico often speak in Spanish. It is their official language too. Other than Mexico, Spanish is also spoken in different countries like Ecuador, the United States of America, Paraguay, etc. Around 414 million people around the world speak Spanish. It is regarded as the second most language in demand. Even in Europe, Spanish is said to be the second most famous language after English


According to a survey, it is found that Russia is the third most spoken language in the world. It is found that around 250 million people around the world spoke only Russian. This language is regarded as the most demanding language while conducting International Relations. Russia is said to be the top producer of petroleum products which are exported by many countries. Hence to conduct such relations and continue with trading, one needs the support of a Russian-spoken content translator.


Around 295 million people around the world can speak in Arabic. This language is considered to be one of the most demanding languages in the international market.

Portuguese or Brazilian language

Around 209 million people are comfortable in the Brazilian language. Brazil holds 9th position in the world economy. And as Brazil is said to be one of the fastest-growing economies in the world hence traders who are planning to penetrate the Brazilian market need support from the content service provider who can read write and speak Portuguese or Brazilian language.

Other than the above-mentioned language, some other languages that are holding the same importance such as, German language, French, etc. French is regarded as the most spoken language in the world. It is said to be the official language of 29 countries across the world.

Benefits of Content Translation

In this digital world, translation plays a very important role due to its benefits. They are:

• Content Translation into a foreign language can help to boost the customers’ trust: According to the experts, customers often prefer information that is written in their native language. Hence the translation of the companies documents according to the customer’s language often creates a positive vibe that helps in customer’s trust-building. This in turn leads to an increase in revenue, as most of the customers are often interested in those products or services which are written in their native language. Again, a Multilingual translation of the content also helps to propel the company’s brand which helps the company to penetrate into the international market.

• Content Translation also helps to improve SEO: SEO or Search Engine Optimizer, in today’s world, became one of the most important things when the content writer needs to penetrate the targeted market and targeted audience. Not only that it also helps to gather traffic to the content and help in generating revenue out of it.

Content Translating into various languages can help to increase the traffic of the website: implementation of the multi-language translation for his website tends to create ample opportunities of creating traffic on the page.

Translation can also tend to generate higher rates of conversation.: it is believed that with the help of translation of the content into the top priority languages, the quality of the contents gets enhanced. Which results in the success of the multivalent localization.

It gives rise to translation technology.

It provides language that the targeted audience is comfortable with.

Create common interactions and avoid misunderstandings among the dealers.

•It helps to reach a much larger audience.

The content translation services along with the localization of the services are the key to the success of brand marketing around the world. In different internet platforms like websites or in the eCommerce platform, translating the content into the local one gains much importance. In the global arena, the translation of the content into various languages is very much essential.

Why Content Translation

In our everyday life, translation plays a vital role and is more dimensional than we ever realize. Though English is the most used language around the world, yet it tends to hold back many companies in their business. Clients from different parts of the world often prefer to get the deal in their own native language. Many clients or customers have no problem with the English language but the issues arise when the clients only prefer to interact in their own language. Here the companies need content translation service providers.

Languages are not only a text, but it is a lot more than that. Other than the communicative medium, it is also a form of one’s expression, belief, and culture. If there is any loophole in understanding the language, then there is a high possibility of misunderstanding.

This is why translation is much more needed in today’s world. The institutions like companies, schools, and clinics are also getting beneficiaries of this service. It not only builds the ability to reach various socio-cultural people around the world but also tends to connect its targeted audience more effectively.

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