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Penguin Recovery SEO Services

Logicwebsoft Technology offers SEO services compliant with Google Penguin updates to ensure your website is optimized for search rankings.

The advent of Google Penguin updates has forever changed the search world. The primary focus of this update is to ensure that only websites with high back links to appear in search rankings. Penguin focuses on to block out spam websites or sites which are over optimized for specific keywords.

What is Penguin

  1. Advertorial
  2. Spammy backlinks
  3. Recognition of Authority of website
  4. Hacked websites
  5. Reduction in cluster of domain on the first page of search result

Our team of SEO experts has done a deep analysis of the updates and their impact on the search algorithm to provide the best SEO solutions and services to our customers. We aim to create unique, highly engaging and informative content, compliant with White Hat SEO techniques and distribute them at the right places as per client reuirements to ensure the SEO objectives are fully realized.

Logicwebsoft Technology’s Penguin SEO Services Include-

  1. Creating backlink using content
  2. Avoiding over use of keywords
  3. Removing low quality backlinks
  4. Removing spam backlinks
  5. Building authority backlinks
  6. Building Quality backlinks

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